Typical Laughter Yoga Session

Duration : 20 – 30 minutes (maximum) Each bout of laughter should last for 30-40 seconds, followed by clapping and ho ho ha ha ha exercise. Take two deep breaths after every laughter.

Step 1: Clapping in a rhythm 1-2………1-2-3 along with chanting of Ho-Ho……..Ha-Ha-Ha

STEP 2: Deep Breathing with inhalation through the nose and prolonged exhalation. 2-5 times

STEP 3: Shoulder, neck and stretching exercises

STEP 4: Hearty Laughter – laughter by raising both the arms in the sky with the head tilted a little backwards. Feel as if laughter is coming right from your heart.

STEP 5: Greeting Laughter – Joining both the hands and greeting in Indian style (Namaste) or shaking hands(Western Style) with at least 4-5 people in the group.

STEP 6: Appreciation Laughter – Join your pointing finger with the thumb to make a small circle while making gestures as if you are appreciating your group members and laughing simultaneously.

STEP 7: One Meter Laughter: Move one hand over the stretched arm of the other side and extend the shoulder (like stretching to shoot with a bow and arrow). The hand is moved in three jerks by chanting Ae…., Ae….., Aeee….. and then participants burst into laughter by stretching both the arms and throwing their heads a little backwards and laughing from the belly. (Repeat 4 times).

Milk Shake Laughter (a variation): Hold two imaginary glasses of milk or coffee and at the instruction of the anchor person pour the milk from one glass into the other by chanting Aeee…., and then pour it back into the first glass by chanting Aeee…, After that everyone laughs,while making a gesture as if they are drinking milk. (Repeat 4 times).

STEP 8: Silent laughter without sound – Open your mouth wide and laugh without making any sound and look into each others’ eyes and make some funny gestures.

STEP 9: Humming laughter with mouth closed – Laughter with closed mouth and a humming sound. While humming keep on moving in the group and shaking hands with different people.

STEP 10: Swinging laughter – Stand in a circle and move towards the center by chanting Aee….Ooo….Eee…Uuu…

STEP 11: Lion Laughter – Extrude the tongue fully with eyes wide open and hands stretched out like the claws of a lion and laugh from the tummy

STEP 12: Cell Phone Laughter: Hold an imaginary mobile phone and try to laugh, making different gestures and moving around in the group to meet different people.

Step 13 A : Argument Laughter: Laugh by pointing fingers at different group members as if arguing.

Step 13 B: Forgiveness/Apology Laughter: Immediately after argument laughter catch both your ear lobes and laugh while shaking your head (Indian style) or raise both your palms and laugh as if saying sorry.

STEP 14: Gradient Laughter: Gradient laughter starts with bringing a smile on the face, slowly gentle giggles are added and the intensity of laughter is increased further. Then the members gradually burst into hearty laughter and slowly and gradually bring the laughter down and stop.

Step 15: Heart to Heart Laughter (Intimacy Laughter): Come closer and hold each others hands and laugh. One can shake hands or hug each other, whatever feels comfortable. Closing Chouting 3 slogans:

Closing Technique:‘‘We are the happiest person in this World’’ Y……….E……..S

“We are the healthiest person in this World” Y……….E……..S

“We are Laughter Club member ” Y……….E……..S

Most important: In the end all the members should stand with their eyes closed for one minute with their arms spread upwards, hoping for world peace.

from LaughterYoga.org

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