Laughter Club:

Easy stretches, yogic breathing, laughter practices.

Often includes Laughter Meditation (spontaneous, self-directed laughter) and Yogic Relaxation.

Approx 25 minutes.

*** Always Free***

Laughter Yoga Class:

1/2 hour of classic Hatha Yoga, 1/2 hour Laughter practices;

Laughter Meditation and Deep Relaxation.

One hour.

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  Public Workshops:

Background, theory and benefits; extended Laughter Practices (two sessions), Laughter Meditation and Relaxation; Participant Testimonials, Question and Answer session.

1 and 1/2 to 4 hours.

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 Corporate Stress Reduction Consultant:

Programs to support Direction/Management stress relief, boost employee morale and creativity, improve satisfaction and reduce turnover.

Offered on an as-need basis, several packages available, or can be tailored to your business’ needs.

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